The Catholic Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage involves two baptised people, one or both of whom are Catholic, becoming husband and wife through a sacred covenant with God and each other.

Catholics who want to marry are asked to meet with a priest months before their wedding. During this period, the priest offers practical financial and emotional advice to the couple, as well as instructions on the spiritual nature of marriage. It is important not to have impulsive, or “quick fix” weddings because marriage is for life.

A valid Sacrament of Marriage requires the presence of a priest, a bride and groom and two witnesses of any religion. The bride and groom are the real ministers of the sacrament, because their “I do’s,” make them husband and wife. The priest is just an official witness for the Church.

Most Catholic weddings take place during a wedding Mass. Vows are exchanged as part of the Mass itself. If either the bride or groom isn’t of the Catholic faith, the Church usually suggests a wedding ceremony without Mass. When a Catholic couple gets married in a civil or non-Catholic ceremony, they need a special ceremony to make their marriage valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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